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Elemental Tai Chi AM


Number of sessions: 8

Date:  April 8 -  June 10  

Time: Saturdays 9am

Tuition: Early Bird Registration 147. by March 20th, for the first 20 registrants.

Class registration will shut down after 20 students.  After March 20th, tuition will be $159.

Location: Life Skill Academy, 322 Millbury Avenue, Millbury, MA

Instructor: Stan Tabor


This unique course takes a step by step approach to learning the fundamental elements of Tai Chi to give students a balanced and complete training experience. Because this Elemental Tai Chi Form is both simple in structure and moderate in number of movements, it can be a great introductory course for beginners, yet it’s still rich in meaning, making it also suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners.


The Elemental Tai Chi Form, is called "Tai Chi Bafa Wubu" in Chinese, which literally means "Eight Methods & Five Steps".  This routine is based on the 13 core element techniques and draws from the both traditional Yang, and Chen styles of Tai Chi. 

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