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Tai Chi-Qigong Flow: "Vitality and Tranquility in Balance"


Our Tai Chi-Qigong Flow for Summer course will guide you through the powerful practices of both Tai Chi and Qigong to help you achieve optimal health and balance. There’s an old saying in China, that goes, "Qigong is the Root, Tai Chi is the Flower.” Qigong focuses on cultivating the body's Qi, or life energy, while Tai Chi's graceful movements help it to flow smoothly throughout the body, while promoting physical and mental harmony. 


To begin each class, you'll establish a foundation with Seasonal Qigong For Summer, including techniques rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that focus on cultivating the body's Qi and promoting physical and mental harmony during the summer season. 


You'll also learn the Tai Chi fundamentals, including stationary, moving and walking patterns that later combine to form our Tai Chi Fundamental Form. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each movement and technique, helping you understand their unique benefits and how they work together to support your health and well-being. 


By joining Summer Tai Chi-Qigong Flow, you'll discover how to nurture both the root and flower of your wellness journey, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and improving your overall quality of life. Come experience the perfect harmony of vitality and tranquility with us. Registration limited to 20 people.


Number of sessions: 12

Date:  July 15 to October 7 (No Class Labor Day Weekend) 

Time: Saturdays 9am

Tuition: Early Bird Registration 157. by July 1st, for the first 20 registrants.

Class registration will shut down after 20 students.  After July 1st, tuition will be $179.

Location: Life Skill Academy, 322 Millbury Avenue, Millbury, MA

Instructor: Stan Tabor, Liam Keenan, Roy Moy and Josh Morin


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