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Yang Tai Chi 40 Step Form


Yang Style Tai Chi 40 Form

Number of sessions: 16 1.5 hour classes. 24 hours of training!

Date: April 8 -  August 5 (No Classes Held on May 20, 27, July 1)

Time: Saturdays at 9-10:30am

Tuition: Early Bird Registration 347. by March 20th, for the first 20 registrants.


After March 20th, tuition will be $400.

Location: Life Skill Academy, 322 Millbury Avenue, Millbury, MA

Instructor: Stan Tabor and staff



In this course, we will focus on studying the Yang style 40 Tai Chi Form. This routine was distilled from the traditional Yang style Long Form, by removing repetitions, making it more practical to practice all of the original techniques and essential movements in a 6 minute timeframe. Because it takes a shorter amount of time, you can practice this one form 2-3 times in the same time it would take to practice the original 108 Long Form once.


Each lesson will focus on relaxing tense muscles, clearing the mind, and harmonizing the mind, breathing and movements. By the end of learning this set, you’ll begin to naturally restore tranquility and vitality, helping you feel more energetic yet calm.


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